clipping image(non-registered)
Hello Sir,
I am Tanzir from Clipping Image Expert. We provide all kind of photo editing service at a cheap rate. Currently we are offering $0.25/image for simple editing.
The offer includes services such as Clipping path, Background Removal, Retouch, Masking, Shadows, Ghost Mannequin, Color Correction & all other photo editing services.
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Clipping Image Expert
Janet Garcia(non-registered)
Hey Judy! I had a quick question. I was thinking of getting a graduation picture of 2012 to give to my mom for mothers day this Sunday, but i was wondering if there is a chance I can send a letter with it as well, since I am still in college.
Juliana bowman(non-registered)
Hi Judy!! I was wondering if you can add a Thank You comment to the grad. pictures?
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